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At CITAHEALTH, your body is our BUSINESS.
We're Vancouver’s only complete medical clinic providing preventative, occupational and family medicine services complemented with leading edge integrative health, fitness and wellness strategies.

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Personal Healthcare, Scheduled Doctor Visits & Diagnostic Medical Testing

Premium Personal Medical Care

Leading Edge Executive Medical Program, NO FEE Continuum of Care

Not only do we have some of the most experienced male and female executive health physicians in British Columbia, CITAHEALTH provides our clients with year round Ongoing Access to their physician with NO ADDITIONAL PROGRAM FEES. Family medicine is led by Dr.David Briggs one of's top rated doctors.

MSP Backed

Occupational Medicine

Quick Access, Cost Effective Industry Specific Occupational Health Programs

CITAHEALTH is the largest provider of occupational medical services in British Columbia. Whether it be a pre-employment medical exam to ensure your new applicant meets the Bone Fide Occupational Requirements of the job or if you require the medical expertise to determine whether or not an existing employee is fit to return to duties, our experienced occupational health team can provide you with a cost effective solution.

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Fitness, Food & Fatloss

Cutting Edge Medical Fatloss Devices backed by Industry Leaders in Fitness & Nutrition

Unlike your typical Weightloss Clinics, CITAHEALTH provides our clients with the most advanced Fatloss Clinic available. With guaranteed fatloss results using the gold standard DXA Scan to measure your results (% body fat), our clients are 100% assured that their weightloss is actually fat and not muscle and fluid loss. With physicians, nutrition experts, exercise physiologists and clinicians working together to help you optimize your progress, your program is further customized to include scientifically proven fatloss tools that include Zerona Lasers, Lipomassage and Powerplate Vibration Technology.

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